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Microsoft Azure and Incubator Settled in Guangzhou

Nansha District, Microsoft and Heungkong Group Cooperated in Layout of Innovation Ecosystem

DATE:2017.07.01 SOURCE:

Cooperation and Trademark License Agreement was signed by Guangzhou Heungkong Cloud Science and Technology Ltd, an affiliated company of Heungkong Group, and Microsoft China a few days ago. Microsoft Azure and Incubation Program of Mobile Technology—      Guangzhou Cloud and Mobile Application Incubator (Microsoft Azure and Incubator for short) will settle in Heungkong International Finance Centre in Nansha District.

It is an important goal of Microsoft Azure and Incubator to establish a scientific and technological innovation ecosystem with high standards to create new engines for industrial upgrading in Pearl River Delta. For this purpose, science and technology awards, supportive policies for incubation of science and technology enterprises were provided by Nansha District Government; Core technical capability, experience of operation management in innovative fields and market resources were supplied by Microsoft; industrial capital leverage and operation service were offered by Heungkong. Microsoft Azure, artificial intelligence, big data and Internet of Things technologies will be utilized by them in establishing public service and technology platforms of artificial intelligence to quickly improve scientific and technological innovation.

Thanks to pluralistic-industry experience, Heungkong is familiar with the needs of industries in stages of incubation, development and growth. Besides, Heungkong can also provide customized financial services in working capital growth, financial leverage, venture capital investment and strategic acquisition to offer solutions suitable for enterprise development.

It is known that at least 50 newly-founded enterprises and growth-type enterprises meeting the standards will be introduced, covering various stages such as innovative incubation, project acceleration and industry integration.

During this process, public cloud service of Microsoft Azure based on Microsoft technologies will be utilized by Heungkong Cloud Science and Technology Ltd to establish hardware and software environments, cloud resources and professional services required by public service platforms, making settled enterprises achieve fast and effective secondary development and become superior enterprises in artificial intelligence field.

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