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Development and Construction
   Following the “idea of keeping up with the world”, the Heungkong Group has initiated a brand new model for city living. Under this model, it has successfully built “Green jade” and “Global Villa”, each a green and ecological living community.  These communicates have received a positive response from the peers and the society, winning “UN Habitat Awards” and other honors.
   As China’s economy steps into the new normal development stage, the Heungkong Group, always forward-looking, had accurately foreseen the development potential of Qianhai, Hengqin, and Nansha, the three free trade zones of Guangdong, and had developed a strategic layout, making efforts to develop Qianhai, Hengqin, and Nansha into world-class financial eco-platforms. The Heungkong Group has created synergies between the three zones by initiating the “Intelligent 9A financial platform” in Qianhai, establishing a 120,000m2 headquarters for scientific and technological finance in Nansha, and developing a financial culture center in Hengqin.
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