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President's Statement

    As a large-scale private enterprise, the Heungkong Group has since its inception actively explored different business management models to find one appropriate for the group’s development. As of today, Heungkong has become a conglomerate with more than 20,000 employees and businesses in trade logistics, industry, healthcare, financial investment, education and development and construction.

    The Heungkong Group’s  achievements are attributable to the sound policies of the CPC and the State. Our enterprise keeps pace with China’s reform and opening-up policy. It is precisely the State’s support for non-public ownership that has provided us with more opportunities and scope for development.

    An enterprise is a cell of the society. As a successful enterprise, the Heungkong plays its part in contributing to a harmonious society and taking up its share of social responsibility. Since its establishment, the Heungkong Group has always adhered to its principle of “giving back to society through business excellence” and has donated more than RMB 1 billion to various public welfare causes such as poverty alleviation and teaching assistance, etc.

    As a large-scale private enterprise, the Heungkong Group invigorates the national economy with private capital and aims to maximize benefit to shareholders and the society. The Heungkong team will continue to tirelessly, and with confidence, grow our platform and enhance our competitiveness in an environment of new opportunities and challenges. We spare no efforts in promoting the development of our national economy and the building of a harmonious socialist society.

---- Mei Hing Chak

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